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Resilience in the Classroom Empowering Educators, Strengthening Learners: Tools and Strategies for Well-being in ...
Resilience in the Classroom Empowering Educators, Strengthening Learners: Tools and Strategies for Well-being in ...

So., 27. Apr.



Resilience in the Classroom Empowering Educators, Strengthening Learners: Tools and Strategies for Well-being in ...

This seminar aims to empower teachers with practical strategies and experiential learning to navigate and thrive in the face of adversity.

Zeit & Ort

27. Apr. 2025, 09:00 – 02. Mai 2025, 22:00

Parchal, Quinta das Marinhas, Rua Alberto Boto dos Santos n 7, 8400-655 Parchal, Portugal

Über die Veranstaltung

Status: Seminar is CONFIRMED and open for further applications.

Resilience in the Classroom - Empowering Educators, Strengthening Learners: Tools and Strategies for Well-being in the school cosmos

More information and seminar program as PDF

Resilience, often likened to the soul's immune system, serves as the secret ingredient enabling individuals to bounce back, evolve, and thrive amidst life's unpredictable storms.

Some people grow through what they go through while others may struggle. Life constantly throws us challenges and adversity is part of it. Our ability to adapt and overcome these adversities is what resilience is about.  How we face the challenges and bounce back (growth) is what matters? Some people are naturally resilient while for others, they can learn skills and strategies to better weather any storm.

For educators, delving into the realm of resilience unveils a treasure trove of insights and strategies. Imagine a seminar as an adventure into this world — a journey offering teachers not just a shield for their own resilience, but a map to cultivate this vital trait in their students.

By embracing this 'immune system' analogy, educators unlock the power to create an environment nurturing students to manage stress, forge emotional fortitude, and skillfully navigate the rollercoaster of challenges.

Resilience is an elementary competency that can help teachers and students in their everyday school life in many ways:

1. Adaptability: Resilience equips them with the ability to adapt to challenges, changes, and setbacks they encounter in academics and life.

2. Emotional Well-being: It promotes emotional health, managing stress, anxiety, and how to work with difficult emotions skillfully.

3. Problem-Solving Skills: develop strong problem-solving skills and explore how to approach difficulties with a positive mindset.

4. Persistence and Determination: It fosters a sense of persistence, determination known as grit while encouraging them to work towards their goals despite obstacles.

5. Improved Learning: Resilience positively impacts learning outcomes, as students embrace new experiences with a renewed sense of agency.

6. Life Skills: Building resilience in the school cosmos cultivates essential life skills such as perseverance, self-confidence, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks, preparing students for future challenges.

Join our seminar and discover the power of Resilience

This seminar aims to empower schools with practical strategies and experiential learning to navigate and thrive in the face of adversity. We will also explore practices to enhance our overall well-being so that we can flourish in life, manage our stress, adapt to life’s challenges and foster a healthy work life balance.

Through engaging discussions, practices, skills based learning and conceptual understanding participants will learn to develop their inner strengths and cultivate self-care practices that support their well-being as they embark on a journey towards greater resilience and living a more fulfilling life.

Participants will explore science backed strategies and techniques such as building inner strengths like awareness and compassion, mindful communication, managing emotional regulation, optimism, fostering positive coping mechanisms, positive mindset and connection with body-based practices like movement and laughter.

They will also learn tools and practices based on social emotional learning (SEL) to enhance and support the wellbeing of their students and foster a more resilient classroom.

Individual consultations and an extensive accompanying and cultural program to culturally significant places in the Algarve complete the seminar week.

At the end of the event, you will receive an ERASMUS certificate confirming your participation in the seminar.

The seminar language is English, but the trainer speaks also German and is sensitive to any potential low level of participant’s English language skills. Please note that our seminar is inclusive.

The seminar lasts 48 hours and consists of theoretical and practical units, as well as a constant exchange of specialist knowledge. In addition to plenary sessions, discussions in small groups and joint workshops, individual working groups will develop and present their own  projects. You will also have plenty of free time outside of the seminar program to enjoy the benefits of the Algarve.

Become part of the europeanseminars experience!

As part of our concept, seminar participants are always accommodated together in a four-star hotel and can also exchange ideas outside the official program during meals and coffee breaks. Your physical well-being is taken care of with full catering with delicacies that are always of a local character. We also invite you to dine outside the hotel in an exclusive and typical way - a unique culinary experience.

We are deeply rooted in the Algarve and enable you to immerse yourself in the culture of Portugal by showing you our very personal treasures of the region on two cultural excursions, taking you to our favorite places and bringing you into contact with the country and its people - intercultural understanding with a personal touch and lots of fun.

The seminar will take place at the 4-star Hotel AGUA RIVERSIDE LAGOA Quinta Do Parchal (Algarve) in Portugal (subject to change).  The course fees are 580€, the cost for the stay in a single room with full board is 896€. The total cost is usually fully subsidized by the EU.

More information and seminar program as PDF

Send a request - without obligation - and receive further information: here...

About your Trainer Christine Weltzien:

It is her life’s mission and purpose to share and teach Mindfulness to Adults (especially Teachers and Parents) and to children/adolescents having personally experienced the benefits and raising her two sons as mindful individuals.

Born and raised in India, she moved to Hong Kong where she worked as front-line staff for an international airline for over a decade and then went on to attaining a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate to teach Geography. It was here in Hong Kong where her journey on the path to Mindfulness started after a burnout due to stress and hearing loss which prevented her from teaching in a classroom setting again. Despite her hearing impairment, Mindfulness and Technology have enabled her to work again, doing what she loves most Teaching.

She currently lives in the Algarve, Portugal with her family. Travelling, gardening, spending time in Nature and connecting with people from different cultures are her hobbies.

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