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Game based-Learning with AI, Escape Room- & Escape Game-Design in school
Game based-Learning with AI, Escape Room- & Escape Game-Design in school

So., 10. Nov.


Aguahotels Riverside

Game based-Learning with AI, Escape Room- & Escape Game-Design in school

During this workshop, participants will gain insight into all aspects of game-based learning for implementation in the classroom.

Zeit & Ort

10. Nov. 2024, 10:00 – 15. Nov. 2024, 22:00

Aguahotels Riverside, Quinta do Parchal, 8400-655 Portimão, Portugal

Über die Veranstaltung

Status: Seminar is CONFIRMED and open for further applications.

Game based-Learning with AI, Escape Room- & Escape Game-Design in school

More information and seminar program as PDF

Discover the Power of Game-Based Learning: Are you looking for an exciting and innovative way to enhance your intercultural and educational endeavors? Look no further! Our upcoming seminar on Game-Based Learning introduces you to the captivating world of "Escape Games."

What You'll Gain:

In this seminar, participants will delve into the fascinating realm of Escape Games and their potential applications in intercultural and educational settings. Our primary objectives are:

1. Mastering Escape Game Design: Gain the knowledge and skills needed to craft your very own Escape Games. Explore the intricacies of conceptualizing and structuring these immersive experiences.

2. Assessing and Reflecting on Player Performance: Learn how to evaluate the performance of players in Escape Games. Discover the art of providing constructive feedback and fostering continuous improvement.

What to Expect:

Throughout the seminar week, you'll embark on a journey of discovery and creativity. Participants will:

- Explore Diverse Puzzle Forms: Uncover various puzzle formats and challenges, unlocking the secrets of crafting engaging and thought-provoking riddles.

- Create Your Own Tasks: Put your newfound knowledge into practice by developing your own Escape Game tasks. This hands-on experience equips you with the tools to design captivating challenges.

- Empower Your Projects: Equip yourself with the skills and insights to integrate Escape Games into your intercultural and educational initiatives. Elevate your projects by adding an element of excitement and interactivity.

Join us in this dynamic seminar and open the door to a world of immersive learning and cultural exchange. Don't miss the chance to be part of a transformative experience that will enrich your professional toolkit and inspire your future projects.


Individual consultations and an extensive accompanying and cultural program to culturally significant places in the Algarve complete the seminar week.

At the end of the event, you will receive an ERASMUS certificate confirming your participation in the seminar.

The seminar language is English, but the trainer speaks also German and is sensitive to any potential low level of participant’s English language skills.

The seminar lasts 48 hours and consists of theoretical and practical units, as well as a constant exchange of specialist knowledge. In addition to plenary sessions, discussions in small groups and joint workshops, individual working groups will develop and present their own media projects. You will also have plenty of free time outside of the seminar program to enjoy the benefits of the Algarve.

Become part of the europeanseminars experience!

As part of our concept, seminar participants are always accommodated together in a four-star hotel and can also exchange ideas outside the official program during meals and coffee breaks. Your physical well-being is taken care of with full catering with delicacies that are always of a local character. We also invite you to dine outside the hotel in an exclusive and typical way - a unique culinary experience.

We are deeply rooted in the Algarve and enable you to immerse yourself in the culture of Portugal by showing you our personal treasures of the region on two cultural excursions, taking you to our favorite places and bringing you into contact with the country and its people - intercultural understanding with a personal touch and lots of fun.

At the end, a certificate will attest to your participation.

The seminar will take place in a hotel in the district of Lagoa / Algarve in Portugal.

The course fees are 580€, the cost for the stay in a single room with full board is 896€.

More information and seminar program as PDF

Send a request - without obligation - and receive further information: here...

Your trainer, Björn Bredow, is a media consultant, teacher and communications expert. He studied political science in Hamburg and communication management in Berlin.

In addition to his work at an international online school, he supports schools on their way to a culture of digitality. In addition, he advises an EduTec start-up that is native to the field of eSports education. His passion is the use of digital teaching methods. In particular, gamification and gamebased learning are a focus of his work.

In his work as a lecturer, he can make good use of the skills he acquired during his training as an event moderator.

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